Friday, 15 August 2014

Royalty Free Music From Artist Server - Free Download Links - Public Domain

Unfortunately, Artist Server will no longer be around by the end of this month. :( I really will miss this website. I still wish to keep the music alive by sharing suitable songs from Artist Server on my YouTube channel. 

The shutting down of Artist Server also means the download links I provide in the video descriptions will be non-existent. In order to solve this issue, I intend to upload all the Artist Server mp3s (of songs that I have shared on my channel) to my Google Drive account. This will give me free download URLs (that work!) which I will provide here, on this blog. Please bear with me as I do this!

This particular blog post promotes mp3 downloads of songs from Artist Server which have Public Domain licenses: "A Public Domain license frees works from copyright completely - allowing others to use, copy, transmit, etc any portion of said works".

Free Download Links (clicking on the Artist & Song Name URL will take you to the video page):

Afterthem: Hidden Cameras

Black Park Music: Dr Bernard Siller

Black Park Music: Just Because You've Got The Loudest Voice

Bobby Smith: The Very Thought Of You

'DJ' Jazer: The Anthem (Farewell 2007)

Domrmusique: Chorale Fragile

Funklaboratory: Techno III (3)

Funklaboratory: The Birds In The Sky 

JerryCic: Audio 20

JerryCic: The Muck

JerryCic Secret02

JerryCic: Tintinitis 

More Rain: Every Part

More Rain: I Love You Too

Mr Cocktail 1: Cinematic Film Music

Mr Cocktail 1: Inspired

Mr Cocktail 1: Mashed Potato in the Sky

Rhani Music Truth Ministries: He Cares

Screaming Field: Drits Spirits

Screaming Field: November 20 

Terry L Sanders: Afraid To Stir The Ashes

Tycarreg: Fforrej (Dance Mix)

Xser1964: Guajira Electronica

About The Royalty Free Music Domain (
The Royalty Free Music Domain (RFMD) specialises in promoting professional music by many musical artists. All songs are free to download and are royalty free. This enables you to reuse songs from this channel in your own video productions for free (even commercially) providing you follow the license terms. Licensing details can be found in the video descriptions and usually involve crediting the original artist.

Royalty free music promoted on my channel is not only for video producers. There are a variety of different musical genres available; I'm sure you'll find music here that suits your own musical taste. :)

The pictures on The Royalty Free Music Domain are all original. I'm an amateur photographer and decided to use some of my own artwork in order to complement the songs and give the music videos a more personal touch. Some of the artwork is my brother's which he has generously allowed me to use.

At the time of uploading, all song tracks on The Royalty Free Music Domain are royalty free and are free to download. However, artists may update the availability and/or licensing of their work. Please do not reuse any photographs from the channel without my permission.

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